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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Little Ray of Sunshine

I read this article earlier called "22 Things Happy People Do Differently". As I was reading through I just pictured those people in my life who are always smiling, and who never fail to brighten your day. I fully believe these 22 things are true of them, and I hope that I can at least learn to put these into practice! One of my favorites from this list is "Don't make excuses", mainly because of the Ben Franklin quote in it: "People who are good at making excuses are seldom good at anything else." I can be pretty good at making excuses, so I just have to decide to stop. A few weeks ago, a friend shared the advice to be a "yes" person. Sort of like that movie, but more of deciding to stop making excuses and start taking advantages of opportunities. Go enjoy life, and choose to be happy! Hope y'all enjoy this article as much as I did.

Monday, April 22, 2013

How Much More

I ran across this article as I was skimming through Pinterest, like any other college girl during a lunch break. Its 5 stories of celebrities who have not so great reputations and the acts of kindness they take part in regularly. I especially love the Russell Brand story in this article. But just something to chew on for today!
It's pretty incredible to see good in people who, in our culture's eyes, have every right to put themselves above anyone else. And what a reminder that if these people, who have everything they could possibly want materially, can stop and do good for those who don't have it so well off, how much more should we take time each day to help. Especially to any Christians out there, this should be a conviction to step it up and be the Good Samaritan. We hear the story over and over, but never actually stop for the metaphorical traveler lying on the side of the road.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

To Do ::[Summer 2013]::

So this summer I am going home...again. Last summer, I was blessed to do a youth internship near home, so I was constantly going. This summer sounds a little more lame in comparison to my friends who will head out to all corners of the world this May, June and July. But I firmly believe there is a reason that all the other plans I tried for didn't work out. I don't really know what that reason is, but this summer I am making a to do list of things I will accomplish around home. It WILL be a summer adventure, even if I feel like I am going back to the place I've been my entire life. There is a whole lot that I have not explored in the area where I live. So, here goes! I hope to post pictures and snippits as I accomplish each new journey. In the words of my friend Kelc: VIVA!

  • Go to new coffee shops
     Like this one: The Pearl Cup http://pearlcupcoffee.com/
Branch out from the typical Starbucks-which don't get me wrong,
I love Starbucks-but support a smaller business and try
new coffee varieties at other places. Or if you're not a coffee 
drinker, try new restaurants, or shops. Find a small store that you
would typically just pass by, and give it a go. Maybe you'll find a brand
new favorite outfit to mix things up!

  • Justice Seminar
 This summer, I am working to host a seminar about human trafficking 
at my home congregation, to bring awareness of this issue to my 
brothers and sisters and to equip them with ways they can get involved 
in the fight right where we are now!
  • Volunteer
I am calling myself out on talking the talk, but not walking the walk.
I want to use this summer to explore the opportunities around my own 
community. I have been saying for a couple years now that I want to help
out at a place called Hearts and Hands, which is only 15 minutes from 
my house. But I constantly make excuses, namely that I don't
want to go by myself.
Which leads me to my next one.
  • Do things on my own more
I have been wasting time and opportunity because I am afraid to do 
something alone. And what a selfish approach to the world, because I am 
not alone! First of all, I can think of very few things where I truly would 
be doing something alone, even if I  just don't know people. Also, as 
cheesy and cliche as you may think this is, God is by my side. 
That's a lesson I need to learn! So why not start this summer-whether that's 
getting up and volunteering, jumping into a new job where I know 
no one, going to movies or coffee shops alone, or even just going on a 
walk or run by myself.
  • Find cool, free things to do nearby!
There are so many places that I know I would love, and should explore
and get to know my area better. I've lived there 21 years, but there
is so much I have yet to see. For example, over spring break, I learned
that my city has a farmers market in downtown on Saturday mornings.
You best believe, I'm going to be hitting that place up this summer!
  • Make new friends
I don't really have many people back home that I keep up with, and those
that I do typically spend their summers elsewhere. So for this summer, I am
to invest in the people around me. Assuming I can find a job, I want to
spend time with those people outside of work. Some of them may not
want to, but it's my choice to make an effort and step outside of
myself to create those new relationships. Who knows what greatness
could come of those strangers I will face in the coming months.
  •  Face the Texas heat
I am the biggest baby about being hot and sweaty. Mostly sweaty. I can
handle the dry heat, but when I am constantly glistening (because girls
don't sweat, we glisten....blah blah) while outside, I get ca-raaanky!
But this summer I will force my vampire-ishly pale self out of
the air conditioned house and into the melatonin filled outdoors.
Maybe sweat off some pounds, soak in some sunlight, go see new parks
and gardens around the metro or spend some time at the lake! 
  •  Read books
If you are like me, then you have a huge list of books that people
have recommended and mentioned to you, or you've heard about through
the years. There are books on my list that I didn't even know were on my list.
So this summer is the time to tackle that! Unfortunately I am
one of the slowest readers, so maybe it won't be a much smaller
list by the time I'm done, but it's a goal of mine to at least complete a book.
On top of being a slow reader, I also start books in the middle of
other books, and don't finish them. Maybe I'm afraid of commitment,
who knows. But us this summer to take down whatever you can of that 
enormous book list!      
  • Do new projects
(Or finish ones I've started). I have a picture curtain waiting at home
for me to finish hanging behind my bed, a halfway refurbished cabinet
sitting in our garage needing a second coat of paint and some cutesy
decor added! Even just cleaning out closest, organizing old pictures,
making a scrapbook. I also am hoping to spend some of my job money 
on taking a class at Hobby Lobby/JoAnn's to learn a new skill.
So to those of you who feel like you're "just going back home for summer", take heart-summer will be what you make it! Do something new and outside of your comfort zone (again, VIVA!!!). Make a list of crazy things to do in the 3-4 months you have. Take trips and enjoy life! You don't have to be on an adventure to live one. 
And to those of you going on a new adventure, enjoy! Learn from the people you are going to be around, especially if it is in a different country. I'm a firm believer that travel is the greatest blessing as far as being able to grow in yourself. Seeing another culture really challenges how we define ourselves. So be a tourist, but also be a citizen. Invest in the people you pass by daily. 
I'm still waiting for the chance to travel again and be with people who are culturally different from me!
So let's go Summer 2013!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Isaiah 1:17

"Learn to do right; seek justice. Defend the oppressed. Take up the cause of the fatherless, plead the case of the widow."

I have sort of taken this verse on as my mission statement. But as I spent half of the night last night, joined in with others fighting to raise our voices against trafficking, it echoed over and over in my head. And one of the most beautiful sounds is tired voices singing together at 1am, passionately. Not like a forced, robotic sound; but giving everything they have left in them as voices strain and eyes are heavy. I'm so thankful to see people at my school standing up for something that has been breaking God's heart for longer than we even can grasp. Maybe we just stood outside and signed a paper, but it's those steps that will lead to more action and more movement. And that's worth the sleep deprivation on this Friday morning.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

For Future Information

Fact: If a guy got me a penguin, I would marry him.

Here's a little video of a penguin being tickled just to make you smile today!

Tread on Trafficking ::[Love146]::

I am beginning a fundraising journey to raise $250 with Love146's annual Tread on Trafficking. My goal from now until June 30th is to intentionally walk for 30 minutes a day. It doesn't sound like much, but for busy college life, 30 minutes is difficult to find. I would really appreciate any donations or just support in sharing the message of those stuck in trafficking. 
Check out my page here:
Or you can join in on the fun here:

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

An Introvert Living in an Extrovert World

Until this year, I would have told you I was an extrovert (borderline introvert). But I am quickly learning that I was very wrong about myself. And I think maybe that's because I wanted to be perceived as an extrovert. Drawing energy from others, enjoying time with big groups of people is desirable in our culture. It has a more positive connotation for someone to be an extrovert. Introverts are cursed with being seen as rude or shy, when really we just like to take in our surroundings. I've seen more and more memes about introverts, and though they are funny, extremes, there is a lot of truth in them. 
Part of the acceptance I've come to is from understanding myself more and how I function. Before, I was so determined to be extroverted and someone who was the life of the party. However I've recently come to understand that I'm not ever going to be the life of the party, chatting with everyone and making jokes----and that's okay. While I used to love being in big groups of people, I'm way more into small groups or even one on one time. I like getting to know people and I'm not the kind of person to have serious conversations around a group of more than like 4 people--and even that's pushing it. 
Also, on one of the web images I've seen, it explained that introverts give energy and extroverts take energy. It's a system, and I really like that image. However, sometimes (like this weekend) I give more energy than I have and it drains me--and I've recently learned, can make me kind of cranky. Fortunately most of my close friends are introverted also, which works well for us because we can be low key, but still together. But there's some extroverts in there too, taking the energy we are giving off. Again, a system...kind of like photosynthesis.
I'm sure there's more to say about this, but I write this to say two things. 

First to the introverts out there:
It's okay not to be the life of the party. That doesn't mean your a grump, you just give energy and need to participate in different ways. Learn how you personally work, because I firmly believe there's a scale and levels of introversion.

To the extroverts:
Don't be taken aback if an introvert is quieter to you some days than others. We may have given more energy one day than another, it doesn't mean we are mad at you. And be kind to the introverts in your life, not sucking too much of their energy! It's all about balance and learning how to deal with someone different from you.
Instructions For Us Both!
Just some suggestions. I personally don't feel like I fit neatly into these things, but some people do more than others.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Larger Than Life ::[Spring Sing 2013]::

Well sorry its a week late, but here are some pics from Spring Sing! 
Braiding their hairs for performance

This is the make-up room. AKA-Crazy town

Two of my sweet co-mothers getting ready

Awwww, look at us being all mom like and stuff. Everything from mom jeans to fanny packs to fake boobs and lipstick

Two of my favorite swimmers

This is where shows come to wait before performance. We have everything from bikers to Olympians to cowgirls and toy soldiers.

Our little Olympians
These are my HUG friends. I kind of love them a lot.

The 5 amazing hosts/hostesses of Spring Sing 2013

Also, this is my hostess friend Tori. She's pretty much the coolest person I know, singing We Didn't Start the Fire

The intro to our club show

"Don't forget my la-la-la-la-la-laundry"

YAY "It's a Ring Thing" show

We didn't place, but we did get 3rd in the music category and the Spirit award for having the most Christ-like attitude! Hope you enjoyed the little clippit of my last few months.