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Sunday, September 29, 2013

I am Mountain [Music with Meaning]

If you haven't had a chance to listen to Gungor's new album "I Am Mountain", which was release this pastTuesday,  I encourage you to check it out. Gungor amazes me with it true poetry in music. The "band" (consisting primarily of husband and wife team Michael and Lisa Gungor) has an amazing way of exploring new platforms in musical artistry. I warn you though, sit down and listen to the story told in "I Am Mountain" in sequential order. I made the terrible mistake of carelessly putting the album on shuffle the first night I got it. And I hated it. It just didn't seem like the Gungor I knew and loved. 
But then I remembered the story of "Ghosts Upon the Earth" and decided I needed to listen straight through. This group is the perfect example of true musicianship. I don't think I could put them in a specific genre, each song holds different elements and themes. From one song to the next, the only similar thread is Michael Gungor's gritty, rich voice. But each piece fits together in an abstract puzzle. They are a group that makes you think about their music. (Unlike my other musical obsession). It's not a just a light tune that you play on repeat and dance around the apartment to, but a soul-searching story that challenges how you see life. And to that I say, Well played Gungor! 

So check it out. Reflect on the story. And if you want to read a little more about the meaning of the album, check this article out: http://mikemchargue.com/blog/2013/9/21/review-of-gungors-i-am-mountain

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Never Too Old

As I make my way through my senior year of college, I can't help but feel incredibly old. Where did the past (nearly) 22 years of my life go? It doesn't seem like I should be standing on the threshold of adulthood, preparing to face this next step into the world. With that comes excitement about beginning a new chapter with God-whether that's grad school or another opportunity in or out of the US. I am facing crucial life decisions, reflecting on the changes I've experienced the past four years specifically, and all the time, listening to One Direction. There, I said it. 
Though I face adulthood, I am realizing I'm not to old to act silly. It's the best thing about being in my twenties-I'm not childish, but I don't have to be a stuffy adult! (Not that all adults are stuffy) This year, I've already been transformed into a Directioner and am planning my first ever trip to Disney World. I can still be a kid even at 21 (almost 22) years old. I still want to be a kid at 41 (almost 42) years old! Or even 81. I think that's what joy in life means. You realize you are never too old to do things that seem childish. I think one thing that annoys me most, even though I am guilty of having this attitude some times, is when people my age act like things are below them. For example, the pop band One Direction. I'm realizing that sometimes you just have to embrace what life throws your way, even if it is a cute boy band. So what if I crank "Up All Night" and dance around while making dinner? And so what if I am going to Disney World for the first time as an adult? I'm gonna transform into 10 year old me and enjoy the entire week. There are just some things in life that you have to look in the face and say "Come on, 10 year old self. Let's go have fun!" 
My biggest fear with stepping into adulthood is losing the joy that life holds. And today in chapel, as we were led in devotional by 6 adorable little 1st-3rd graders, I was reminded that being childlike is a choice. Granted, there are obviously some differences in being childish and being childlike. I love the independence that comes with being adult (most days) and being able to make important decisions and see the results of my actions. But I will never be too old to dance to boy bands and watch kids movies and have fun in life.