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Thursday, November 7, 2013


This afternoon, I got to do something I love but typically don't have much time for-a long afternoon drive. As I set out on the highway, drawing closer to my destination, my eyes drank in the warm colors of fall trees, I started thinking about how much I love fall. And how I love spring as well, but for different reasons. 
These are the transition seasons. They're not as long as summer or winter; to me, lasting much less tome than I would hope. They aren't even as extreme as summer and winter. Fall and spring are the middle ground. They stand firmly in who they are, but they compromise between the piercing cold and strangling heat. 
Fall to me is beautiful. It's scarf, boot and "pumpkin flavor everything" weather. I approve. I love walking outside in a cardigan, tshirt, scarf and boots and being just warm enough. And the sun is a welcome warmth when it's just a bit more wintry than usual. There's something about the way the trees change, preparing to lose their leaves, that makes my heart leap inside its cage. And the child in me loves walking through the crisp leaves and hearing that satisfying crunch under foot. 
But then there is spring. And though the trees start off bare, there's something to be said of the restoration in the earth as the first signs of spring peek through the frigidity. I've always seen a lot of imagery in the newness of spring.
But as I drove today, thinking of these transition seasons, I couldn't help but think how much I love the transition stages in life. I may not realize it when I'm beginning them, or even until I've already left them, but I love changes in life! I enjoy growing and being able to look back at the path I've taken. Those transition times are so much more adventurous than the extreme hot and extreme cold. There's something about our lives moving toward or away from one extreme that makes my heart leap in its cage, just as it does when I take in the fall leaves. So enjoy the transition periods. Take in the beauty that comes with the middle ground of life. And on a more literal note, go enjoy fall while its still here! It's short and fleeting.